Condominium job gone bad

Condo job gone bad .

I want to tell you a story about a condo job gone bad. We had a very nice client called Kim she hired someone to install a new hardwood floor and build a bar for her. She hired who she thought was a reputable contractor got a very good price had him start the job and than stop. he would come work for a day and then go away for two days and come work for a day then go away for three days she just couldn’t get him to come back and finish that job continuously and he would come up with unusual excuses like her dogs hair would get into the caulk that he was going to put on the floor molding. All this just didn’t make sense to her so after he hadn’t returned her phone calls for two or three weeks she decided to end our relationship luckily she hadn’t paid him in full.

Bull nosing in shaping stepped in and finish that job. Helping her designer bar and giving her a fair price on the completion of the floor she’s very happy with the finished product. We completed the project on budget and on time another happy customer



Crack granite counters

Between five and ten years ago granite counters were make with steel reinforcing robs under the front and back of the sinks rails. This was done to stop the granite from cracking during installation. Over time the caulking can break down and water can reach the steel and cause it to rust. Rusting steel expanse and cause the granite to crack like in the pictures. In most case the crack can be fill but it still look like a crack or the counter has to be replaced.  We have the solution we can replace the sink and cut away the crack granite with out replacing the count.